Investing in the right products helps to save tax, grow professionally, secure your retirement needs and achieve optimum financial health. By investing right, businesses and other types of organisations can manage cash efficiently and take care of their present and future financial needs.
Niyojak takes pride in assisting individuals, professionals, families, organisations, and businesses in attaining financial security, strength, and balance through the products and services it provides.

Investment solutions

Mutual funds

Mutual Funds can help you achieve short and long term financial goals along with wealth creation and tax saving.
Rest assured that our customized product recommendations will help you achieve you goals, while taking care of all contingencies. Message us the amount you need to accumulate on 7721028664 - to get the sip amount you should start with .

NPS (National Pension system)

NPS (Regulated by PFRDA) is a voluntary pension system in India, developed for the provision of old age income, reasonable market based returns over the long term, and extending old age security coverage to all citizens. NPS also comes with substantial tax benefits for individuals, employees and employers. Niyojak helps you make the most of timely and planned investments in NPS.


While both bonds and debentures are fixed return products used by the issuer to raise capital,a debenture will usually be used by a company to raise capital specifically for a project. There are many types of debenture like secured debentures, unsecured debentures, etc. For example, Secured NCD’s ( Non Convertible Debentures) with a good rating are a good way of earning higher interest while diversifying your investments.

Fixed Deposits (FD's)

Corporate fixed deposits are a good way of investing to earn higher interest income. Niyojak offers carefully selected fixed deposits that are highly rated.


A Bond is a fixed return product issued typically by the Government. It offers regular or fixed payment of interest in return for the money borrowed, for a certain period of time.