“You will either tell your money what to do, or the lack of it will always manage you.”

-Dave Ramsey 

Insuring yourself, your loved ones and all your assets is a crucial step in achieving your personal and business goals. Through our product offerings of all available Insurance companies in India, we help our clients choose covers (along with the right options and
riders) that are the most beneficial for achieving optimum risk coverage.

Insurance Solutions


Life Insurance Advisory

In case of unexpected events, Life Insurance is an essential part of your income replacement strategy. But nothing describes life insurance better than the adage – “Buy term and invest the difference”. We help our clients understand why life insurance should not be treated as an investment by providing unbiased recommendations suitable to achieve your goals. The whole process starts with an analysis of the client’s risk profile and his existing life insurance covers to give customized needs based advice. 

General Insurance for Individuals, Families & Professionals

Protecting her/his organisation from losses that can be incurred due to uncertain events is the primary responsibility of any business owner. This ensures continuity of your business without setbacks while Insuring your firm/organisation from losses, lawsuits arising from contractual obligations and compliance requirements.
Some insurance solutions we offer for Individuals, Families, Professionals & Retirees

Business Insurance

The right type of covers for your loved ones and your personal property can make all thedifference in time of crises like emergency hospitalisation or a burglary of your valuables.Buying the right insurance cover provides you financial protection against effects ofparticular risks on individuals, families, and professionals. You can secure your family’shealth , property & assets, against unexpected financial damage.Niyojak helps you in deciding the optimum covers by comparing options provided by a widerange of companies. We recommend the most beneficial covers and riders carefully chosenby taking into account all your requirements.

Some insurance solutions we offer for organisations.

Some other risk solutions for organisations.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

The Loss of Profits Policy

Travel Insurance

Shopkeeper's Policy

Marine Insurance

Commercial Vehicles

Money Insurance

Multi-Peril Policy for L.P.G. Dealers

Liability Policies

Workers Compensation

Machinery Insurance

Stock Insurance