About Niyojak

Achieving Financial Harmony

Niyojak Financial Services was established in April 2009 with the aim of providing solutions to individuals and organisations that help them achieve financial security, strength and balance.
All investment recommendations and risk analysis reports are customized based on individual/organisations specific requirements. Helping our clients achieve their financial dreams and contentment through our core values of trust, dedication, dependability and transparency is the only goal we strive for. Building a long term mutually beneficial relationship with our clients is important to us.


Ms. Asawari Natu

Asawari Natu is a consultant with close to 20 years of experience in the financial services field. Her career in finance is enriched by her expertise in a variety of solutions like mutual funds, debt instruments, business insurance and personal insurance

As the Founder of Niyojak and a proud BNI member, she finds joy in getting to know people from various walks of life. This constantly adds to her understanding of people and their financial habits.

Her focus has always been on providing financial services based on client needs and priorities. With a body of work spanning nearly 2 decades in the financial realm, she uses her knowledge, proficiency and experience to serve an increasingly diverse client base.

She holds a Masters Degree in Banking, and a Diploma in Financial Services. Her education is enhanced by a host of certifications in Mutual Funds, Life & General Insurance, Debt Market, Equities, and Derivatives & Commodities Markets.